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Clixzor is reborn.

Clixzor is reborn. The Ptc site is back and better than ever. Same Admin but a totally new script that is more secure and fast. For those of you that had an old account with Clixzor, you can re-register under your old username and be eventually compensated 50% of your old balance. That is unheard of in the PTC world. Usually when a site relaunch, members lose everything. Unfortunately, Clixzor had to shut down because of Paypal limiting the funds which triggered a massive panic due to funds not available for 90 days. Lots of chargeback and scammers cause everything to collapse. See the more detailed explanation given by the Admin on the forum.
Clixzor is reborn. I like the honesty and sincerity of the Admin and hope them all the best in the new site. They have learned from their mistakes and have implemented steps to discourage scammers from doing what they do. Shame on you, scammers. As you know, the PTC world(internet) is full of people trying make an a quick buck and most of the time these people resort to dishonest methods to obtain their goal. That is a sad but honest truth about the world we live in, but I believe there is more of us(honest) people that the scammers. Leave our beloved PTC sites alone. Let us honest clickers earn our share of the money in peace. For all of you honest clickers that want to earn, please join me in support of the new reborn Clixzor that is trying to do the right thing. Clixzor is reborn. Happy Earnings!