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Clixsense Makes Sense

Clixsense Makes Sense Clixsense makes sense.  I joined Clixsense a few months and I didn’t think much of it. At that time I was just starting out in the PTC world. I was going for the quick buck, thinking that I can invest and make my money back in days. It was a pipe dream, a fantasy and it was pretty naive to think that getting paid .50 cents per ad was normal. I got suckered in. I was renting lots of referrals and was making $25-50 dollar per day. Unfortunately, when I try to cash-out my big dollar, the site would disappear. I got scammed. First site that scam me was this site called Amazbux. I had a feeling something was wrong but my greed got the better of me. After that incident, I was a lot more cautious. It taught me to do more research before I start investing in a site. Even as cautious as I am, I still got scammed. After a few failures, I stumble upon this site called http://www.ptc-investigation.com/ that compiled lists of legit and scam sites. They do a good thorough job in their investigation. Before I found this site. I have joined numerous PTC site that have come and go. I have only invested in few sites. Two of my favorite is Neobux and Nerdbux because of their solid reputations. Actually starting to make some money with these sites.

In the beginning, I didn’t think I have what it takes to get direct referrals. That’s why I rented them thinking that will be a faster way to earn money. I was clicking everyday, so I thought that everybody I rent would click everyday. That was a stupid assumption on my part. Big mistake! I could not figure out why people are not clicking. I started pondering that question in more detail.
The one answer that I came up with was that people joined PTC sites thinking that they can make money fast. When they see how little the ads pay, sometimes 0.001 cents, they give up. They are not looking at the big picture. That is why I created the strategy guides to Nerdbux, Neobux and Clixsense. This will hopefully keep them on a path to success. People have to realize that PTC is not a get rich quick scheme but a slow and steady income opportunity. If you do it right, you will never have to work for THE MAN again! Now that I am a veteran(lol) of PTC sites, I went back to do more research on Clixsense. I know that they did not offer rented referrals. That was one of the main reason I stayed away. Didn’t think I could convince anybody to be my down-line. I wasn’t that good a salesman. I was dead wrong about that. The real power to Clixsense’s affiliate program is that you can earn up to eight levels down. You can earn from the efforts of your referral’s referrals all the way down to 8 levels. That is truly powerful. All you have to do is find 5 people that will do the same and in time you will have 488,280 IF everyone in the down-line find 5 people also, 8 levels down. That’s in a perfect world which we know does not happen everyday but if we signed up referrals and educate them on how to do it right, we might succeed. If we show them the benefits and rewards, they are more likely to promote the program. The success rate will go up. In order to take advantage of this program, you do have to upgrade your membership in Clixsense. Good news is that the upgrade is only $17 per year. That really inexpensive compared to most of the major PTC sites. If you work at it, you can really make a steady income with Clixsense. Clixsense makes sense. Happy Earnings!