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I stumbled into the crazy world of PTC sites a couple of months ago and never looked back. It is by no means a get quick rich system but if you can find the few legit sites, you can actually make a decent amount of money. However be forewarned, it takes a lot of time and patience to succeed. The most important thing to know is that it really works and anybody that is willing to put in the time will make money. Here are the few legit PTC sites I have found so far.

First up, we have the king of PTC sites, NEOBUX. It has been around since 2008 and has grown to over 20 million members. The forum is very active with many members willing to help each other. Some of the elite members make thousands of dollars per month and they are willing to share their story. This is a very good sign of a good PTC site. The payments are done automatically without delay. This is very successful site because they bring in a lot of advertising dollars and can afford to pay their members daily. If you are in the PTC site business, you would want to advertise your site there. It’s just good business. Imagine 20 million eyes on your ad. If you are not enrolled as a member yet, please click on the banner below and start the journey. After all, it’s free to join.

Second site that I can recommend is a site call Nerdbux. It is a fairly new PTC site owned by a company called Tim Tech LLC. This company owns several very popular and successful traffic exchange sites. They have been paying their members on time for over 11 years. They are finally breaking into the PTC world with Nerdbux. This site is modeled rather closely to Neobux with a few improvements. It is actually easier to make money here. Whether this is just a temporary situation remains to be seen. The forums are full of very helpful members and the administrators are very active in the forums. They are constantly evolving and making the site better everyday. Try them out. Click the banner below.

Thirdly, I came across this group of PTC sites owned by this guy, Sergey Zorenko. I join his main site called TERMBUX first and it was quite surprising. The administrator is very straightforward with all the members and told us about all the difficulties he is having maintaining the site especially after one of the E-wallet(Liberty Reserve) went under. I was skeptical at first because at that time I have come across a few sites that turned out to be a scam. After a time, I believe the guy’s stories and started supporting the site. So far, I have been paid twice, about $5.00 each. It was almost instantaneous each time. I can post the screen shots of the payment if you want but I am not here to proof anything. I am just here to tell my stories in PTC world. So far these 5 associated sites are paying and is considered to be legit PTC sites. I recommend joining the latest of the sites, NUTBUX because it is usually easier to get direct referrals. That is one of the key to making lots of money in PTC. Join one or join all, doesn’t matter because they are all free to join. Remember, don’t invest any money in any online site until you feel comfortable with the site. The old adage “If something appears too good to be true, it usually isn’t true” should apply to everything you do on the internet. Always have fun and make lots of money !

I am working on strategy guides for the two main ones, Neobux and Nerdbux. Hopefully I can get it out soon. Right now, I am only actively clicking on maybe 5 of the sites. It is a slow process and hopefully, with patience and time, I’ll be able to make enough money without a job. In case you are wondering, I only spend about 1 hour a day on those 5 sites. Good luck and happy clicking. šŸ™‚

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