I Got Paid By Ojooo

i got paid


I got paid by Ojooo today. This was really an unexpected surprise but it is a good one. The PTC site known as Ojooo has been plagued with delays after delays on cashing out. This particular cash out of mine is actually from March 29th and I was almost ready to give up on the site. They did issue a statement back in May about all the reason for the delay. It does sound like a whole bunch of excuses but unfortunately, a lot of PTC sites goes thru’ the same types of growing pains. Too many cheaters out there trying to make a quick buck. I hate cheaters who use bots to click instead of doing it honestly. It is so unfair to people like you and me who diligently click our ads everyday. Most PTC site can not survive because they do not have unlimited funds. Even a fairly well to do company like Timtech did not survive. Nerdbuck used to be my favorite PTC site and it was basically forced to shut down because of cheaters. The site is own by someone else now. The new owner agreed to pay me what was left in my acct but instead he deleted my acct. That guy is a known crooked PTC owner. Just have to google him. This was the first time and probably the last time that Timtech foray into the world of PTC. They were just too naive and they didn’t catch the problem in time. They must have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars before they realize that they were being cheated. A brand new PTC site should never offer instant payment without checking out the person asking for a cashout. There is also many ways to make sure that the clicker is human. Nerdbux had almost no such precautions. Well, hopefully they have learnt their mistake.

I got paid

Official Statement From Ojooo Regarding Delay

As promised, Ojooo needed some time (3 months) to sort out all the problems before moving forward. They implemented a few security feature such as a new CAPTCHA system that makes you draw a shape instead of just clicking a symbol. This insure that the clicker is human because no bot or program that I know of can draw a shape yet. I am sure somebody will come up with a bot that will defeat this feature one day but for now, this simple security feature is working great. Of course when Ojooo implemented this new CAPTCHA system, lots of people were complaining that it is too difficult and they don’t like it. I am sure most of the people complaining are in fact the cheaters. They needed this much time to slowly weed out all the cheaters and make sure everyone is honest to ensure the survival of the site. This site is improving everyday and I believe that the worst is hopefully behind us. It takes a very financially strong and knowledgeable company to survive the PTC world. Not very many PTC site can be as successful as NEOBUX & CLIXSENSE but I believe Ojooo has what it takes to make it. I am just happy I got paid by Ojooo. Happy Earnings. 🙂

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  1. Simo

    I started use Ojooo just to test it. But right now it’s almost 7 months and I’m still clicking. There’s no need to sit whole day just clicking some adv~~. Ojooo is much simpler. You can get refereals by inviting friends or just buy them on their site. I never had any trouble with payout money from account. Sometimes I got it the next sometime at the end of the weekend i think it just depends of how many payouts is in certain amount of time.
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