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Facebook Fan Page Finally Up!

Facebook fan page finally up! Facebook Fan Page Finally Up! So, I finally got around to putting up the fan page yesterday. I guess I am behind times when it comes to social media but I have been told again and again how Facebook is necessary to any successful business or website online. Please subscribe  and like it if you want. I am still learning the in and outs of Facebook every single day. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment. Nothing new to report except that I am doing quite well in DS Domination and Solavei. Both business is coming along steadily. If you want to make a steady income online, DS Domination is a great business to do. All the training is provided step by step and you don’t need any downline to start making money. This will work in any country. Solavei is great because almost everybody has a cell phone and they all want to lower their bill. If you own a cell phone and you want to lower your bill, check Solavei out. It starts with lowering your bill, but eventually you can make a good steady income from this. Unfortunately, Solavei is only available in the United States for now. There are plans to go international in the near future. Click on the links above, if you want to check it out.








As far as the PTC sites are concerned, I got cut out of Nerdbux again. I have no idea what is going on there now. The owner said that he was weeding out members that did not log in for 7 days but I have been logging in everyday. So, that doesn’t make sense at all. I have already send a support ticket. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. The membership has gone from over 350,000 to only 1500 members. Crazy stuff going on. I am still doing good with Ojooo. Been averaging about $28 per day with a premium plus membership and 3000 rented referrals. I spent about $12 dollars a day maintaining the RR, so the net profit is about $16 per day. Not too bad! Ojooo is owned by a pretty big German company that is diversified in many different businesses. Chances of it going scam is low. I am thinking of upgrading to The VIP membership if this keeps up. With VIP, you can get up to 10000 RR. WOW!  In the meantime, I am happy to make money at Premium plus. Please join me at Ojooo. This site is awesome.

Well, I still believe in the power of PTC sites to make money. The most trusted ones are also some of the oldest like NEOBUX, CLIXSENSE and AYUWAGE. Those sites are not going anywhere soon. They provide a steady stream of income that you can rely on. You might not get super rich over night as promised by a lot of marketing gurus with their too good to be true business plan but if you join several PTC site and click everyday, you can make a good income. Happy earnings! I am glad that my Facebook Fan Page Finally Up!  Cheech21

Best PTC Site Ojooo

Best PTC Site OjoooBest PTC Site Ojooo. Ojooo is simply amazing. It is a German registered company. I have been a regular member with Ojooo since the beginning. Didn’t really think much of it because it looked like any other site and it didn’t offer rented referrals at that time. I like the concept of rented referrals because if you manage them well, you can make a profit rather quickly. Then several months after the launch, they started implementing RR. I was still skeptical. I read a lot of good things about their upgrade program in various forums on how people are making ridiculous amount per month. I still wasn’t convinced. So, I waited until November of last year to upgrade to their premium membership. It was $39 per year and I was able to rent up to 300 RR. It was decent and RR was fairly active. Personal clicks was getting around 20 cent. Below is a chart on the differences :Ojooo1


Personal click for premium can be as high as .02 cents but it wasn’t enough. Over the course of 3 months I slowly built up my RR to 200 and I decided move up to premium plus. The strategy was to get to the maximum of 3000 RR in one month. So, I invested $100 ($39 premium plus for one month and $60 for 300 RR) In 3 days, I put in another $100 to rent another 300. On the 9th day, I have generated enough money to rent another 300 RR. This was the greatest thing ever because with a total investment of $200, I was able to keep renting 300 RR every 3 days until I am at 3000. In between, I was also extending the good RR with more than an average of 2.0. Now after 30 days, I am at 2914 RR and I have extended premium plus for another month. I am planning to use the money generated daily to extend all the high average referrals. I’ll probably rent another 300 RR soon as I am not yet at 3000. I think they will allow members to go over the limit. At this level, I am making about $30 per day which is pretty good for a PTC site. I will eventually upgrade to the VIP membership in the near future. In the meantime, I will use the money to manage and maximize the RR profit margin. With this strategy, after achieving 3000 RR, you can start cashing out and getting back your investment. Just remember to leave enough money to extend the membership for the next month.


With Ojooo you don’t have to worry about paying for recycling because RR are recycle for free if they are not active in 3 days. You are always gonna get the most active referrals. Your job then is to seek out the best referrals and extend them. For those of you that do not have a website, Ojooo does provide you with a free website hosting with the price of the premium plus upgrade. They also have an online auction where you can buy merchandise and upgrades for a cheaper price. Check that out if you want. I have tried it a few times and was only able to save .50 to .75 cents each time. I guess your timing has to be good. If you haven’t join Ojooo, register now. Use my link below. If you are a member already, upgrade today to premium plus. Don’t waste your time with the premium membership. You will not regret it. My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier. Good Luck and happy clicking.

Nerdbux Has New Owners

Nerdbux Has New OwnersNerdbux has new owners.  Well, after all the drama and strange going on at Nerdbux these last few weeks, it finally happened. The popular site has been taken over by Jeffrey Johnson, President and CEO of Cute Online Services, LLC. This company actually has over 10 years of experience in running PTC sites and is probably more equip to handle the demands and problems that comes with the day to day management of this type of site. Apparently, there is a big difference between running a PTC and Traffic exchange sites, as TIMTECH found out the hard way. This is a good thing. That means that there is still hope for Nerdbux. Here is a quote from the new owner from Nerdbux’s forum :

“I’ve acquired Nerdbux from Timtech. We going to tell you our plans. In next 24 hours NerdBux is moving to our servers. Due to that we will be adding PayPal once it’s up and running on our servers. We will be paying out via PayPal this weekend. My name is Jeffrey Johnson. I am president of Cute Online Services, LLC. I have two partners Bill Winkenhofer and a silent partner. We will form another corporation for this site. We will be using our current business PayPal until than. We plan to pay all members but due to our limited company funds we will increase payout. We plan to lower cashout once our reserves are built up in April. We will than put our new company PayPal on site. Jeffrey Johnson and Bill Winkenhofer been into ptcs for more than decade. So we looking forward to serving you for next decade or more.

Starting immediately after the site is on our new server our top upgraded members can have unlimited direct and rented refs. Our current upgraded members will be able to have unlimited direct and rented referral starting in April. Due to us just taking over site we will increase payout to $8 for next 60 to 90 days. ”

One of the few changes that there will be implemented is the elimination of instant payouts. This was one of the reason there was rampant cheating by unscrupulous individual using bots. They got away with thousands of dollars because there was no check or balance by a human. Everything was instant. The new owner vowed that there will never be instant payout, but everyone will definitely be paid. Minimum payout will be raised to $8 until cash flow is normalized, hopefully by April. There will be a new cash-out method thru’ check for those members living in USA. Advantage to check cash-out will be the fact that there is no fees involved and you can cash out the whole amount. Good changes are coming and the new script is programmed to seek out cheaters and automatically suspend them before they cash-out. It might not be 100% fool-proof but it is a start. I wish the new owners of Nerdbux all the luck and success. I hope they can turn around and make this site great again. To all you cheaters out there, shame on you. TIMTECH approach this PTC world with honesty and integrity. They were too naive to place their trust on the the goodness of people and they got screwed royally. This is after all the Internet. There was a lot of precautions and policy that they should have implemented but they didn’t. They came from a background of Traffic exchange where everybody knows your name and there is a sense of trust within the community. They tried to bring that to the PTC world, but it backfired on them because PTC world is run by money. Where there is money involved, there is also greed. That’s just human nature. I wish TIMTECH the best of luck and if they ever want to get back to the PTC world, I’ll support them 100%. But next time, be more cautious. I always believe people are essentially good, so I give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope that TIMTECH did not knowingly screwed the Nerdbux members but was put into this bad situation thru no fault of their own. In the meantime, good things are coming to Nerdbux. Be patient. Nerdbux has new owners.

Lastest Update : Login to the site today March 19th and I found an announcement from Jeffrey Johnson saying that Paypal has blackballed Nerdbux and it’s impossible to run the site without paypal. Looks like this might be the end. I hope they can find a possible solution because there is a lot of members that still have a lot of money invested in Nerdbux. I am one of them. 🙁 Well, what can I say to make this better? Nothing but to warn everyone to be more careful in all their dealings on the big bad world that is the INTERNET. That includes PTC site owners as well. This situation would never have happened if the owners were more careful in protecting themselves from the cheaters. Lesson learned.

Free cell service for life


free cell service for life

Free cell service for life. Is there such a thing? Does your wireless carrier pay you? Solavei does. 2014 is going pretty good so far. All my PTC sites are starting to make money and I was introduced to a business called Solavei. It’s been around for quite some time(since 2012), so it is very stable. What a wonderful concept. Introduce Solavei to friends and family and cut your phone bill to nothing. At first, I was reluctant because I have been with Sprint PCS since day one. I am happy with the phone service provided by Sprint, but I am not happy with the phone bill. I was paying over $85 per month and I never bother to shop around for a better deal. In other words, I was complacent and too lazy to go find a better deal. So, it took me several months before I decided to give Solavei a better look. It was amazing to see how much money I can save and how much money I can potentially make if I promote this business. Check out the video on the compensation plan below. You will love it too.

Free cell service for life !!! Wouldn’t that be great? The answer is Solavei. We have found it! If you think about it, it is really not that hard to get people to switch to Solavei. Almost everybody we know has a cell phone and they are probably paying too much. Since Solavei operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA, it has a reliable, fast 4G network. The plan starts at $29 for unlimited voice and text. See Chart below: Free cell service for life

Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei’s initial product offering is affordable, no contract, unlimited text, voice and data services throughout the United States. The company is actually run by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisers. People that actually know what they are doing. This is just the beginning of the revolution. It is about time we get a piece of the pie. Isn’t it about time your cell phone pays you? I say, “YES” Click on the banner and check it out for yourself. At the very least you will be saving some money on your phone bill every month. Who knows! If you actually get serious about this and start telling people about it, you can potentially make enough residual income to retire. The sky is the limit. Start the revolution today! Cheech21


What Is Happening at Nerdbux !

What Is Happening at Nerdbux !What is happening at Nerdbux ! What’s going on, Nerdbux? So, something strange is happening at Nerdbux.  Recently, the nerds got rid of RR extension discount and now you can only extend your RR for 30 days at a time. This latest development has angered lots of members that were relying on the Rented Referrals system to make some money. This change is huge because without discounts on rental extensions, there is no strategy. Everything will be based on your luck. It is still possible to profit at Nerdbux but it will be a lot harder. Looks like for now, getting Direct Referrals is the key. I suspect something huge is going on in the background, the Nerds are definitely working on something that will move this site forward and make it even better.  I have faith in Timtech as a company.  They have been around the block a few times. They know what they are doing.  This is only a transitional period that every great PTC site goes thru’ before they become legends ( Neobux, Clixsense)

When asked about what the long term plans are for Nerdbux,  Jon Olson replied ” Right now, we’re just weathering the storm from the drama. Once things stabilize we’ll be crushing it some more.”  This statement confirms my suspicion that something big is planned for Nerdbux,  We just have to be patience and wait for the the good times to roll around again.  Trust in the Nerds to do the right thing, Remember, this is a long term play.

Legacyclix Is Hot

Legacyclix is hot and it’s alive. Been up and running since Dec 5th and it is growing at an incredible rate thanks in part to the support of Timtech(Nerdbux). In one week of operations, it has accumulated more than 25,000 members. That is totally wild. We love it. This site is owned and operated by the Legacy Team: Marc Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage.  They are responsible for many traffic exchange sites. If you are familiar with Traffic Exchanges(*TE is a great way to advertise your business for free) perhaps you have heard of them. Here are just a few examples of their sites :

This looks like the new and brighter future of PTC world where the administrators are honest and forthright. With the success of Nerdbux, the path of this new kind of open communication between admins and members are here to stay in the PTC world, I hope. Legacyclix looks to be continuing what Nerdbux has started. It is very hard to find a trust worthy PTC site but with the Legacy Team,  you can absolutely feel save. Their company have been paying on time for more than 2 years. They even provide you with their Skype ID, so you can contact them personally. What other PTC site besides Legacyclix and Nerdbux can you do that.  Most PTC site, you don’t even know the name of the Admin let alone being able to contact them . I think this is the better way of doing business. If you haven’t join Legacyclix yet, do it now. Click on the banner below.  You will be getting in on the ground floor. Happy Earnings!

Requirements For Rented Referrals At Nerdbux

Requirements for Rented Referrals at NerdbuxRequirements for Rented Referrals at Nerdbux are revised once again. Hopefully, this will improve the quality of the rented referrals at Nerdbux. This is definitely a step in the right direction towards a bright future for Nerdbux. However, I must stress that renting referrals at any PTC site must be done with caution and a plan. Always maintain and manage your RR constantly to weed out the bad ones.  It is still recommended to turn off the autopay on this site and manually manage your RR.

These are the changes made to the Rented Referral system :

  • Members who are recycled will not go back into que until they click a minimum of 5 ads for 3 consecutive days.
  • Existing members must click a minimum of 5 ads for 3 consecutive days to be added to the que.
  • New members must click a minimum of 5 ads the same day they join to be added to the que.
  • A new member is considered an existing member after the server rolls over to the next day.
  • Free members are limited to 100 rented referrals.
  • All members are limited to renting referrals once a day. If you rent 1 or 100 referrals today you will be unable to rent again until server rollover.
  • We’ve reduced the largest lot of referrals you can rent from 250 to 100.

Nerdbux will be offering affordable monthly membership upgrade in the near future. Hats off to the Nerds (Justin & Jon)  at Nerdbux for the flexiblilty they have shown in working with everyone. There are also other important changes made today that will impact the future of Nerdbux.   Maximum cash out for upgraded members has been reduced from $100 to $50 every 3 days.  For standard members it was reduced from $15 to $10 every 7 days. However anyone who needs to cash out more than that every 3 or 7 days can send Justin a skype and it will be dealt with on an individual basis. All these changes have been implemented to fight against fraud. It is really great to know that the Admin of this site cares about it’s members and are not afraid to make changes to make the site better.


DS Domination : Is It A Scam?


DS Domination : Is It A Scam?



DS Domination : Is It A Scam?  

So, I was clicking my ads on Clixsense on Mon when I stumble upon an Ad for DS domination that caught my attention. I bookmarked it for later when I have some time to check it out. After I was done clicking my daily ads, I started doing some quick research on DS domination. I did the usual search on Google and some stuff came up on Youtube as well. Checked out some videos and read some article about the program. I found out that the program teaches you how to sell high on Ebay and buy low on Amazon. The program just came out of Beta and gad launched about 10 days ago. Pretty simple and straight forward, I was thinking. Must be a scam or catch. Being a curious guy like me, I had to try it out. So, I went back to the original link where I found this program and proceeded to register. I wanted to make sure that the guy that put up the ad on Clixsense gets the credit. I am big on Karma and all that. Always give the credit due to the person that deserve it. My sponsor’s name is Sean Balint. Sean, wherever you are, I hope you appreciate it. lol.
I immediately got into the back office and there was a bunch of videos that I have to go thru’. I signed up for the basic program which was $19.99 per month. This is an MLM so my sponsor will get 50% of that. I will talked about that part in more detail later. Basic program was called DS Domination PRO. It had a total of 19 instruction videos group into 4 modules. I started going thru the videos. They were really precise and guide me in every step of the process. I was told how to find the right merchandise to sell and I was instructed on how to post the item for sale. I actually posted my first ever item for sale. It was a vacuum cleaner selling for $54.99. And to my surprise, it actually sold the very next day. There was even a video that tells you what to do when you make that sale. I have joined a lot of programs but none of the programs have such a clear and concise step by step instructions to guide you. I was really impressed. Of course, there is more to the program that this first lesson. There is several different steps to the program depending on how much you want to earn. The true power of the program is the referral program. This translate to a very ludicrous residual income that is very real up to 10 levels. Check it out for yourself today. This program is so easy, even I can make money. My conclusion : DS Domination : Is It A Scam? NO!!! This program is definitely worth taking a look at. The money will be coming from the Ebay sales and residuals from your down line. The beauty of this program is that even if you don’t recruit any referrals, you will still make a comfortable income from selling on Ebay. The subsequent lesson will get you to an even higher money potential. So, click on the link or banner below and check out the free video. If you like what you see or if you think you might be suitable for this program, register and try it out.  Cheech21

Link : DS Domination