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Crypto Faucets And Why They Are Important



I want to talk a little about the importance of crypto faucets especially the Moon Faucets. They are basically a group of four faucets that dispenses four different coin; Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin and Moon Dashcoin. Faucets are a very easy and free way to jump into the cryptocurrency world with no risk. I have been away from this site for over a year just concentrating on learning about the cryptocurrency world. I have been doing some mining and investing in bitcoin. It has been really paying of lately especially since Bitcoin hit over $6000 per coin. I see cryto as the future that will set us common people on the path of financial freedom and I started with just collecting tiny bit of bitcoin from faucet. Over the years, the bitcoin that I collected from the faucets really adds up and it is worth a lot more now that bitcoin is at $6000. I started when Bitcoin was at less than $500. But enough of that, I want to talk about those Moon Faucets and how you can get started as well. For those of you that do not know what a faucet is, read this. This is an article I wrote couple of years ago.

To sign up, you don’t even need to have a bitcoin wallet to begin with. Eventually you will need one when you are ready to withdraw. Use the links below and sign up using a valid email account. Sign up for their CoinPot account. This is a micro-wallet that all the coins you have collected is placed. All the collected coins from the four sites will be added to the same place and you can see the amount grow very fast. I kinda like how fast the dogecoin is dispensed. In the first few days, I have already collected over 170 dogecoin. They are not worth anything now but what if someday it is worth $1000 each. That is why we do faucets.

The only annoying thing about faucets is the amount of ads that they bombard you with. This is very understandable as that is the way the site gets paid and that is how they can afford to pay you, just like in PTC site. Unlike PTC sites, Faucets are a lot more stable and the payout is more consistent. With the Moon Faucets, you can dispense every 5 minutes. I usually dispense at least twice a day to take advantage of the daily bonus. You get 1% bonus added on for everyday that you don’t miss dispensing. So, in order not to miss out on the bonus, I always try to do it at least twice a day. I usually dispense every half an hour when I am working because I am in front of the computer all day but I really don’t recommend doing this at work if your boss not nice. I don’t want to see anyone getting fired over this. You also get a random mystery bonus and a referral bonus as well.

One thing to note about the coinpot account is that you have the ability to convert your dogecoin or litecoin into bitcoin if you prefer instantly and without fees. There is also no fees involved when you are ready to withdraw. I encourage you all to try it for yourself and get started in this crypto-currency revolution. This is the cheapest way to jump in, it’s free!!! Happy earnings!

In addition to the four moon faucets, there is also two more faucets that dispense bitcoin and the coins all go to your coinpot account. Below are the two banners. Enjoy and make lots of money! Cheech21

What Are Bitcoin Faucets

What Are Bitcoin Faucets

For those of you that don't know what Bitcoin is, read my blog on it here. After that get a wallet from COINBASE and jump right in. Bitcoin Faucets are the easiest way to try your hand in the world of Crypto-currency. Best of all, It is completely FREE. There are literally hundreds of Bitcoin Faucets out there but I have found a few that is very reliable and pays the most. Here are three of my favorite Bitcoin faucets. The secret to making lots of bitcoin is to get lots of referrals. Most of the faucets pay 50% or more for referrals. You just have to promote your link after you sign up. Its not even a sign up because the sites don't require any name or personal info. All they need is your bitcoin wallet. However, when you sign up for a wallet at Coinbase, they require verification. is one of the oldest faucet around that is very reliable. I have been using it for over a year now. The amount fluctuate with the value of bitcoin. It dispenses every hour. For the adventuress type, there is even a Multiply your Bitcoins playing a HI-LO game mode. for the lucky players the rewards are great but you can also lose it all. As long as you don't go too far it is all good clean fun. Enjoy.

Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim!
Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like*
The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.
You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away! This faucet consistently pays like clockwork.

Bitcoin Zebra is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 3000 satoshi every hour. Each time you visit this page and feed the zebra you will receive a faucet payout amount at random. 1000, 2000 or 3000 satoshi. This is one of the highest paying faucet that is very reliable.

These three are my most favorite ones. There are hundreds of free faucets out there. Too many to list. Have fun discovering them. These Bitcoin faucets will not make you rich but they will give you a little taste of the world of bitcoin. When I started dabbling in bitcoin about a year ago, the value was around US$600 per bitcoin. Today Bitcoin value is around US$269. The good news is, the value Bitcoin seems to have stabilized a lot more than a year ago. It is accepted by many more vendors and retailers. It is definitely here to stay. The quickest way to make money on Bitcoin is still trading it like currency. Buy low sell high. Make sure you do a lot of research before you jump into bitcoin exchange. Great rewards and also great loss if you are not careful. One other favorite way is to mine for bitcoin. I started out mining in the beginning but gave that up after a while because it was costing too much in electricity than the amount of bitcoin I was able to get. It was great when the value of bitcoin was over US$600 but It became too expensive to mine when the value dipped below US$300. Mining also requires a large initial investment for the equipment. Mining is something you should consider if you have access to cheap or free electricity like solar or wind. Otherwise leave mining to large server farm because they can do it more effectively than we can. Do some research on it if you are interested ( google it! ) These are just a few to consider if you want to jump into the world of Bitcoin. But it the meantime, get some free Bitcoin from these faucets above. Enjoy!!!

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AndThanks2U – The $2.50 Miracle

AndThanks2U – The $2.50 Miracle

AndThanks2U is on fire. This is an awesome program everyone can join and make money. For only an out of pocket expense of $2.50 fee, everyone has the potential to make over $140,000. It is paid directly from member to member. You are paid directly from your downline members to your Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay and ETC.

Overview of AndThanks2U

-Initial payment to upline: ONLY $2.50, this is your total out-of-pocket
-Payment systems: Any method You choose: Paypal, Payza, STP, etc.
-Downline structure: 4×4 forced matrix with 100% Pass Up Matching Bonuses
-Sponsorship: No sponsorship required
-Refunds: No Refunds policy. There is no admin fee or interaction, it is member-to-member.
-Product: Targeted Online Advertising and Bonus Digital Web education Products

Quick Overview of 140K in 8 Weeks

AndThanks2U Stage I

Using a forced 4 x 4 matrix, stage I creates spillover and spill under. As any member gets 4 on Tier I, either by their own efforts or by spillover and or spill under, the overflow is passed down to other members of your team.

-Give $2.50 – Get $10
-Give $5 – Get $80
-Give $10 – Get $640
-Give $20 – Get $5,120

AndThanks2U Stage II

100% Pass Up Match for Sponsors. All upgrades are from already earned Profits, Your only out-of-pocket is $2.50 to get started. Starts with $100 from your $5,120 Profits in Stage I.

-Give $100 – Get $200 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $200 – Get $1,600 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $500 – Get $16,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $1,000 – Get $128,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale)

Check out the video. It will explain the program in more detail. This program is so simple and require so little expertise to make it work. Who couldn’t afford $2.50? If everyone get 4 persons to join per week, we can make over $140,000 in 8 weeks. Even if you are not a marketer, you can still make it. This works on the principle of a forced 4×4 matrix, so there will be lots of spillover and spill under coming from active promoters. Once you see how awesome this program is, I am sure you will tell a friend or two. There is even a way to pay it forward by signing up 4 friends(4 x $2.50 = $10) and paying for them to start. That’s one way to kick start the business. Spread the word on social media like Facebook or Google+ That is only a small example of ways to spread the word.

andthanks2ubanner1For most people the number #1 priority for those looking to make money online, is to find an opportunity to do so, quickly, easily, and without a huge cash outlay to get started. They want to do this without any previous experience or know-how. They want to have fun whilst making money at the same time. Well, AndThanks2U is one such program, Antone can succeed in this one. Go to the website and check it out. Join today. Don’t wait any longer. I did and I missed a bunch of sign ups. I am not saying that you are going to do the same but I made my $2.50 back in my Paypal the same day that I join. I have never done that before with any program. Any questions, leave a comment or contact me. Happy Earnings!

What Is Four Corners Alliance Group

Thanks for dropping by. I am going to tell you about this super hot new system that is taking over the internet. Four Corners Alliance Group is super easy. I am amazed at the total simplicity of the way this system is set up. Everything is automated. Once you have registered and paid the one time fee of $18, you are given access to the back office and your very own website so that you can send referrals to. To understand more about the compensation plan, I am going to turn you over to one of our up line in this system. Watch the video.

Super Phil is sure excited about this. Are you getting excited about this great opportunity? Four Corners Alliance Group is the beginning of a new age in online wealth production. Our vision is to assist network marketers, affiliate marketers and regular people like you and me have huge financial gains and develop a permanent upgrade to their quality of life and financial situation. In everything you do, it’s either you’re in or you’re out. Four Corners Alliance … I’m in! What about you? I joined this program a few days ago and I am on the 2nd level and climbing. The sky’s the limit. Ever since I started this quest of finding a good source of income online, I have encountered so many duds along the way but I am happy to say that I have finally found one that works. For the price of a pizza($18), all your dreams can come true. I’ll help you built a strong team. we will make money together. Remember, this is a 4×6 forced matrix and there will always be spill over. So, even if you don’t promote this program, you will get members placed under you. Everything is automated. Join my team today. I’ll work hard to promote and I’ll help you built your team. Don’t wait too long like me. Miss some sign-ups because I procrastinated.

If you need more details about the program, click on the banner below to get you to the website. If you are ready to register, click on the join button above. Thanks. Change your life today.

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DS Domination : Is It A Scam?


DS Domination : Is It A Scam?



DS Domination : Is It A Scam?  

So, I was clicking my ads on Clixsense on Mon when I stumble upon an Ad for DS domination that caught my attention. I bookmarked it for later when I have some time to check it out. After I was done clicking my daily ads, I started doing some quick research on DS domination. I did the usual search on Google and some stuff came up on Youtube as well. Checked out some videos and read some article about the program. I found out that the program teaches you how to sell high on Ebay and buy low on Amazon. The program just came out of Beta and gad launched about 10 days ago. Pretty simple and straight forward, I was thinking. Must be a scam or catch. Being a curious guy like me, I had to try it out. So, I went back to the original link where I found this program and proceeded to register. I wanted to make sure that the guy that put up the ad on Clixsense gets the credit. I am big on Karma and all that. Always give the credit due to the person that deserve it. My sponsor’s name is Sean Balint. Sean, wherever you are, I hope you appreciate it. lol.
I immediately got into the back office and there was a bunch of videos that I have to go thru’. I signed up for the basic program which was $19.99 per month. This is an MLM so my sponsor will get 50% of that. I will talked about that part in more detail later. Basic program was called DS Domination PRO. It had a total of 19 instruction videos group into 4 modules. I started going thru the videos. They were really precise and guide me in every step of the process. I was told how to find the right merchandise to sell and I was instructed on how to post the item for sale. I actually posted my first ever item for sale. It was a vacuum cleaner selling for $54.99. And to my surprise, it actually sold the very next day. There was even a video that tells you what to do when you make that sale. I have joined a lot of programs but none of the programs have such a clear and concise step by step instructions to guide you. I was really impressed. Of course, there is more to the program that this first lesson. There is several different steps to the program depending on how much you want to earn. The true power of the program is the referral program. This translate to a very ludicrous residual income that is very real up to 10 levels. Check it out for yourself today. This program is so easy, even I can make money. My conclusion : DS Domination : Is It A Scam? NO!!! This program is definitely worth taking a look at. The money will be coming from the Ebay sales and residuals from your down line. The beauty of this program is that even if you don’t recruit any referrals, you will still make a comfortable income from selling on Ebay. The subsequent lesson will get you to an even higher money potential. So, click on the link or banner below and check out the free video. If you like what you see or if you think you might be suitable for this program, register and try it out.  Cheech21

Link : DS Domination