AndThanks2U – The $2.50 Miracle

AndThanks2U – The $2.50 Miracle

AndThanks2U is on fire. This is an awesome program everyone can join and make money. For only an out of pocket expense of $2.50 fee, everyone has the potential to make over $140,000. It is paid directly from member to member. You are paid directly from your downline members to your Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay and ETC.

Overview of AndThanks2U

-Initial payment to upline: ONLY $2.50, this is your total out-of-pocket
-Payment systems: Any method You choose: Paypal, Payza, STP, etc.
-Downline structure: 4×4 forced matrix with 100% Pass Up Matching Bonuses
-Sponsorship: No sponsorship required
-Refunds: No Refunds policy. There is no admin fee or interaction, it is member-to-member.
-Product: Targeted Online Advertising and Bonus Digital Web education Products

Quick Overview of 140K in 8 Weeks

AndThanks2U Stage I

Using a forced 4 x 4 matrix, stage I creates spillover and spill under. As any member gets 4 on Tier I, either by their own efforts or by spillover and or spill under, the overflow is passed down to other members of your team.

-Give $2.50 – Get $10
-Give $5 – Get $80
-Give $10 – Get $640
-Give $20 – Get $5,120

AndThanks2U Stage II

100% Pass Up Match for Sponsors. All upgrades are from already earned Profits, Your only out-of-pocket is $2.50 to get started. Starts with $100 from your $5,120 Profits in Stage I.

-Give $100 – Get $200 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $200 – Get $1,600 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $500 – Get $16,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale)
-Give $1,000 – Get $128,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale)

Check out the video. It will explain the program in more detail. This program is so simple and require so little expertise to make it work. Who couldn’t afford $2.50? If everyone get 4 persons to join per week, we can make over $140,000 in 8 weeks. Even if you are not a marketer, you can still make it. This works on the principle of a forced 4×4 matrix, so there will be lots of spillover and spill under coming from active promoters. Once you see how awesome this program is, I am sure you will tell a friend or two. There is even a way to pay it forward by signing up 4 friends(4 x $2.50 = $10) and paying for them to start. That’s one way to kick start the business. Spread the word on social media like Facebook or Google+ That is only a small example of ways to spread the word.

andthanks2ubanner1For most people the number #1 priority for those looking to make money online, is to find an opportunity to do so, quickly, easily, and without a huge cash outlay to get started. They want to do this without any previous experience or know-how. They want to have fun whilst making money at the same time. Well, AndThanks2U is one such program, Antone can succeed in this one. Go to the website and check it out. Join today. Don’t wait any longer. I did and I missed a bunch of sign ups. I am not saying that you are going to do the same but I made my $2.50 back in my Paypal the same day that I join. I have never done that before with any program. Any questions, leave a comment or contact me. Happy Earnings!

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